The Great Upheaval: Navigating the Shifts

We are at the great headwaters of Awakening. How are you navigating the daily and moment to moment shifts?  We are at the confluence — where two rivers meet and join to be one. It is rough water with forceful pushes and pulls. It is the hardest part. Do you feel yourself pulled into the chaos? Into the swirl? Choosing how to navigate this confluence is an option… is a choice.

The awakening is calling us to participate in all the ways we have prepared ourselves as light workers, healers, and agents of change.  How can we keep our hearts open in the midst of  the chaos, confusion, destruction, and discomfort?  How can we keep our flame alive and nourished through this tumultuous period?

We are walking between the old and the new earth. Staying awake and aware while dreaming in the new are tasks simultaneous at hand.
Last evening, we watched a film titled Inferno from 2016. A mystery thriller set in Italy to find a manmade weaponized virus prior to it being unleashed upon the world. It seemed like we were watching a current real time scenario. Predictive programming? Who is writing the script? Do you have your pen and paper out to write your version, your vision? Now is the time.  As division and upheaval continue to surface what can you do?  Here are some suggestions on offer.


Ground yourself strongly down into the earth through the soles of your feet. Envision yourself on the surface as a transmitter radiating light. Extend your light outwards in all directions to encompass large areas.

Rediscover the meaning of community by starting close in. Extend your goodwill and kindness to those closest to you, to your neighbors, and on to strangers.

Nourish yourself in all the ways you need.

Stay as neutral as possible to hold steady the waves of transformation and change occurring both within yourself and out in the world.


This great awakening is a cleanse. It is a call to release all shame, fear, doubt, guilt, and anger being held in your system and held upon the surface of the earth. It is a call to step into the sovereign light of your divinity and to see that divinity in every living being. From that elevated platform new solutions and new relationships can arise.

If we take the very best of our heritages forward, we clear and dissolve all non-beneficial aspects and outdated stories held in our body once and for all, and we truly listen to one another forgoing our own thoughts for a moment we allow a space for healing to move in. With healing we can celebrate our uniqueness and our diversity. We can strengthen the human bio system where all expressions flourish while contributing to the whole. We can then place humanity’s history to rest in the great archival library where it belongs as evolutionary reference only.

With this awakening we realize and act as one human race.  Technologies previously suppressed will be unveiled.  Highly developed healing tools and methods are made available again. Collaboration with spirit world and our galactic families will be the norm.

There is much to dream in, to look forward to…

As we navigate the rough waters shed all the remaining pieces you can to see with clarity and to hear your inner truth. If you would like to receive support and healing we invite you to attend the Spirit Doctor Group Healing this Sunday.  Join Spirit Doctor Team practitioners Judith Jeans and Eleni Livitsanos for Forging a New Reality Sunday, June 7th. To learn more about this event and to register click here.

 Place a stake in the ground and explore your potential to embody multidimensional healing as we shift into the new earth template.  Join Susan for a gifted zoom webinar on Sunday, June 14th, 5pm CET to explore the next Spirit Doctor Team Practitioner Program, to learn about the bonus practicum, ask any questions you may have, and to hear from some of the past participants about their journey in becoming Spirit Doctor Team practitioners.
Register for the webinar here
We are looking forward to connecting with you soon,
Susan and Sven
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Sunday´s Spirit Doctor Team Group Healing
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Our Upcoming 2020 Events

The Spirit Doctor Team 
Are you feeling the call to hone your healing gifts and participate in a multidimensional healing training?  See if this program may be right for you. The 2020-2021 Spirit Doctor Team Practitioner Program is open for registration. . For more information visit our website here.

A Retreat In Mallorca
October 31 – November 5

Lifting the Veil: Deepening Your Connection with Spirit with Susan and Sven. Hosted by the College of Psychic Studies in London. For more information and to Register click here

The Coming Together Summit, Part Two!


Hello there,

The Coming Together Summit launched with over 90 participants.  It was beautiful to join our hands and hearts in support of the process we are all moving through.  A powerful gathering at a potent time.  We left an old piece of ourselves in the earth´s archival library and then took a look at the horizon from a new elevated platform. Taking in a 360 degree view.  From that new vista we asked the questions, “What is being called through you?  What is becoming visible? And, Will you answer the call?”

On Sunday we continue with the Summit for part two Standing Together and plan to focus on themes arising from the participants. You might ask yourself, What obstruction, veiling, or emotion needs to be released from your energy field to give way for a clear vision now?  What doubts or fears are showing up to be dropped away?  What doors are ready to open?  Together we will address and ask to clear what is showing up.  If you have a pendulum bring it with you to the next call.  Do write to us and let us know what is coming up for you and what your horizon looked like here:

Trust that you and all of us are being polished like the stone on the seashore and that clarity and ease will emerge with some focused work and time.  If you are feeling on shaky ground we want to assure you that everything is happening in divine order, even the bumps and quakes, and that by coming together we can strengthen our resolve and vision for the journey ahead. Join us on Sunday, April 26th, for Standing Together.

Register for the summit (part 2) here
If you missed the first call or haven´t joined the Summit as of yet, we´ve added the link to the recording from the first webinar Calling All Healers here for you. Consider joining us for the second.  For, when we come together a powerful field of support and unity forms offering blessings and guidance for the journey.  Lend your hand and heart and we´ll see you there!

With much love, Susan and Sven

Calling All Healers!

Hello there,

How are you doing?  Here in Mallorca, Spain, we´ve begun our 4th week of a stringent lockdown and there is little talk of it letting up soon.  Many of you are into your second or third week of some form of restriction as well.  It´s an unnatural situation and falling into a hole on some days can easily happen. The amazing thing is that even while we are in various forms of isolation we all find ourselves in this together.  This time to pause has its own merit providing us space for reflection and an opportunity to recognize and discard any old remnants that will not serve us going forward. The energetic shift is happening in divine order and a re-set is taking place. We can lean into and align with the higher vibrations of love, unity, and support to see this through and together forge a new way ahead.

To harness the available energy, we are creating and planning A Coming Together Summit, a series of gifted calls to bring us all together in a unified field of support. Our first call is Sunday, April 19th!  Will you join us in creating a wide circle of support as we move beyond these physical boundaries and find ways to be in touch during this seminal time?

As we approach the new world that is forming all healers are being called forward. We are using the word “healer” as an umbrella that includes all of you reading this newsletter. Whether you are a nurse, author, mom, accountant, or a teacher, you interact with others and have the opportunity to boost the light and love that is growing stronger every day.  By coming together on these goodwill summit calls we can discover ways to support one another in taking steps forward to strengthen our resolve and look beyond what blocks might be showing up and preventing us from stepping into our role as a healer.

hands (1)

The first topic in the series is called Calling All Healers and is the recognition that we are each being CALLED to step up.  To recognize that your sensitivities, your talents and your gifts play an important role in what is to come.  It is a call to remember who you are and what you carry as a healer, leader, guide, teacher, and way shower. The time to show up is now and it is ever so important to add your unique piece to the full rainbow colored tapestry that is being created and woven.

Join us for the launch of the Coming Together Summit on Sunday, April 19th and step into the love and support of a wide circle of healers, both physical and non physical. Strengthen your commitment to bring your gifts forward, to shine your Light and to shine that Light for others to see. When we come together so much can be realized and worked through.
If your heart is saying YES while reading this letter consider it a green light to join the Summit.

Register for the summit here
We´ll see you there,  Susan and Sven

P.S. The Coming Together Summit is still evolving and as the next calls begin to take form we will tell you more! Sign up for our newsletter at to receive further information. And if you feel called, please invite other healers you know to join this call because as more of us come together the power of what we create exponentially rises.

Activating the Light Group Meditation, Sunday March 29th, Join US

Group HealingDear friends, family, colleagues, and extended communities,

Solidarity feels very important right now and so does solid intention.  By coming together with a unified intention we can create, impact, and affect change exponentially.  We have all been learning and practicing the art of spirit and growing our selves in amazing ways. Now, we get to put in all into practice.

As many places, states, and countries go into lockdown mode we have a great opportunity to lock-in with each other and to vibrate good will and peace into our hearts, our homes, and into the larger collective field.  Will you join us for a 30-minute call to powerfully meditate together?

You may have seen one of our social media posts about our nightly village vigil here on Mallorca.  We are on 8th day of lockdown here in Spain and the nightly vigil of solidarity has been infusing so much light and love into our day and situation. At 8 pm all the neighbors step out on their doorsteps, some on their apartment terraces to sing in unison Resistire I will Resist. A song with heart felt meaning for the local people.

We extend this loving vigil action to our community, to you, and to your communities via a virtual gathering offering where we together will amplify the growing awareness of connection and love here on the planet and even beyond into the universe itself. We are course correcting.  And each of us has a part to play.

Come with your hearts and intentions and together in a unified field of love we will create a flame to ignite the collective heart of all people, the planet, and beyond. Many civilizations throughout the universe have been waiting for our evolution and for us to overcome our limiting self beliefs. This pandemic doorway is inviting each of us to cross into a more expansive love and understanding of who we are.

We bow to and honor all belief systems here.  We will begin with a simple prayer offering and then allow for 20-minutes or so of quiet powerful group meditation.  Join us as we intentionally ignite a power packed energy wave. One we have all been waiting for and is now ready to explode.  Join us on Sunday March 29th, at 5pm CET, click here to register.

With love,
Susan and Sven

Please note:  A Group Healing with the Spirit Doctors and the 2019 Practitioners follows on Sunday, April 5th.  Come together with this beloved team of healers to support your transformation. A profound invitation to expand, heal, and ground while experiencing the magnificent energies of this Loving Integrative Earth Spirit Team. to Register, visit:

Dowsing with the Spirit Doctors: From Sceptic to Fan. From Doubter to Dowser

Hi All,

Every once in a while a participant from one of our workshops or retreats writes about their experience and sends it to us.  If you have questions about what Dowsing can do or Who the Spirit Doctor Team are, you might enjoy reading this blog linked just below.   It’s a good read.

Love to all, Susan and Sven

Transformational Tools for These Times: A Weekend Workshop in London, February 23 & 24, 2019


We are on the cusp of a new world.  Many of us have one foot in the new and the other still planted in the third dimension. Have you been feeling yourself go back and forth between these worlds?  It is a bit like driving along a motor way and then suddenly finding yourself on a dirt windy path.

Straddling the two worlds can be a bit bumpy to say the least, however, with your awareness and a few tools you can course correct as needed and smooth the way.

Navigating new dimensional fields becomes easier with trust. And you can build your trust by following the nudges you get to do something or to call someone. Likewise, following your intuition to not do something or go somewhere is helpful in developing your internal compass and connection with Spirit too.

Energy dowsing is another way to connect with Spirit and to integrate the ever rising frequencies on the planet. Clearing your energetic field daily will support you through the shifts taking place.

Here is a dowsing protocol for you to try out. It will assist you with clearing your energetic field:  “Spirit World, Spirit Guides and Spirit Doctors, I ask to clear my physical body, emotional/mental bodies and all my energy bodies including my cellular memory from all non-beneficial energies, frequencies and vibrations including old programs and belief systems from this life time and other lifetimes.  Banish the spirit, de-activate the life force, scramble the frequency and neutralize the energies.  Send them all over to the Light of God for transformation and transmutation.  May this be for the highest benefit of all. Thank you Spirit World.”

Clearing your energetic field and releasing old programs rebuilds your innate strength and frees you from the constraints of collective mass consciousness and constricting dogmas.  In return, your inspiration and life force energies flow again — giving you the momentum needed to take the next steps forward in your life.

If you would like assistance to shift a mindset, a current reality, or to boost your strength, consider joining us for the upcoming weekend workshop ‘Transformational Tools for these Times’ offered through the College of Psychic Studies in London.

We will be connecting with the Spirit Doctor Team for your healing and working with the Spirit guides who are present to support your clearing requests. Are you ready to engage your abilities and full potential to clear, to heal, and to create?

Join us for the weekend to engage with a powerful method for clearing yourself on a daily basis and saturate your Being with the healing energies of the Spirit Doctor Team.

The doorways to Spirit are wide open and accessible. You simply need to walk through the door. We would love to see you there! To find out more and to attend, click here.

With appreciation,
Susan & Sven

Susan and Sven talk about their upcoming workshop in London and awakening possibilities for change.

Advanced Ancestral Clearings

Hello friends,

As you know and are probably acutely aware much is coming up in our lives and in the lives of those whom we love that is wreaking havoc, creating emotional turmoil, and leaving a residue of despair within.

For many of us the layers of conditioning and manipulation that have been carried over lifetimes is coming up for clearing. It is timely to release these from our systems so that the Light within us and within our hearts is available to guide us into our next evolutionary phase. We are the butterfly in transformation. If you would like some support with this process join us this fall for our Deepening Seminar Advanced Ancestral Clearings.

We are taking a layer by layer approach with the clearings – beginning with the social, cultural and archetypal layers and dropping down through the deeper levels within the energy body. There is much being held in our systems that is up and ready for clearing. And when we clear on a personal level it clears for both our ancestral line and the larger collective as well.  If you want to release the pressure valve and are ready to do the work we have created this Deepening Seminar to take you through the process.  

See you there, Susan and Sven

advanced ancestral clearings

Shatter the container and expand your Being.

    Hello there,

We recently created a very potent meditation to shatter any limiting beliefs or ways in which your expansion may be stifled, hindered, or feeling contained.  Are you feeling held back in some way?  Stuck in an old pattern?  This timely and effective short breath meditation will support you to break through any such perceived barriers for the upcoming June Solstice energies.

As we approach the mid way point of this year we are seeing an amplified play of the Light and Dark.  Have you found that when you take a step forward you’re simultaneously being pulled backward? Sometimes this is an internal block or resistance, and sometimes external forces are at play. It is helpful to discern the origin of a block to be able to work with it and clear it effectively. Is a block an internal issue needing resolve or is it energy coming from an external source or even another dimension?  This can be measured with dowsing when you ask the following two questions – to what degree are internal resistances impacting me?  And to what degree are external forces playing a role?  Often, the two can be intertwined creating an all too sticky web of confusion.  Being clear as to the nature and source of an energetic block is key to removing it and the more specific your clearing request is will determine the quality of the beneficial results you receive.

One of confusing ways these blocks show up is through feelings of doubt.  Many times with our clients we see self-doubt arise as they are ready to move forward in their lives and expand. Doubt is one of the biggest obstacles to unfolding the full presence of yourself and your gifts. It undermines at every level and creates a fissure in the foundation.  If you are having doubts arise, view it as a powerful message for yourself and look for ways to untangle it.

During the 4 minute audio here, Sven leads us through a guided breath visualization to burst the bubble of any limits and containment you may be feeling.  Whether it is a self imposed barrier or an external attempt to halt your progress is of no matter.  Drawing in and expanding upon the Light of your Being with each breath is a very transformative energy that can help you break through these obstacles.  And now is surely the time for these kinds of breakthroughs.

We are doing this meditation daily and finding it to be quite freeing and empowering. We hope you’ll find it helpful on your journey.

Please share this meditation with anyone you think will benefit from it.

We extend our love and support to you,
Susan and Sven

Join us on our upcoming retreat in Mallorca, Spain November 5 – 10, 2018. Unravel the powerful energy of the heart to empower your actions and guide your decision making. Tap into this profound energy amidst the serene mountains and sea of Mallorca. We have curated an experience to remember at the beautiful Finca Son Salas. We have only 7 spaces left!
Find out more

An Opportunity for Support, Healing, and Comradeship – Join us in 2018!

Nov image 2

Have you been in the midst of change?  If so, how are the changes settling in for you? For we are all being nudged and guided to drop even more layers of any defense held within our system and move towards our fullness, wholeness, and integration.

As everything continues to heat up and the newly flooding energies work to expand us, one may feel edgy and vulnerable to say the least. Nerve endings are being fired and emotions can vary from moment to moment.

There is no doubt that we are all in a transformative process. It is up to each of us to nurture that process and find the courage to take steps even when they may seem grand and out of the realm of our possibility. In these kinds of times, gathering together lends a deep level of energetic support and comradeship for the transformational processes in front of us.

In May, Sven and I are going to be at the College of Psychic Studies in London offering an evening lecture and a full day healing workshop with the Spirit Doctor Team. The College feels to be a second home to us now and we would love to welcome you there. It’s rich history and unique setting create an ambience not to be missed. When you walk through its formidable door you might just feel at home too!

In addition, we are happy to announce our 2018 Fall retreat Unfolding of the Heart, A Deep Soul Dive taking place November 5-10 on the island of Mallorca, Spain.  Hold the dates if you are wanting an in-person transformational experience this year. More information coming soon!

A continuous unfolding is taking place now both within you and within the universe. Know that Spirit World is paying close attention to this process along with all of us. Together, let us call in as much grace and ease as possible, expand, and move forward.

We send our love to you,
Susan and Sven


Immerse Yourself in Healing Energies

Happy Spring,

We are beginning to see the earth’s cycle of renewal.  Her new blooms remind us to stop and smell the roses and to delight in all of creation.

Behold the white rose!  It is fitting to unveil this beautiful image above today with you.  Enjoy her shape and soothing colors.


This newly created mandala is by a dear friend and artist Gay Goessling!  She journeys with the flower world and through her artistry is able to share these amazing images and vibrations with us.

As some of the first Light beings here on this planet the flowers continue to express and share their beauty and intricacy with us. They remind us to reach for and evolve the capacities and potentials that exist within us. Healing and wholeness are some of those potentials and realities.
The white rose mandala has become a potent symbol and vibrational signature for the Spirit Doctor Team’s healing work.  It encompasses vast amounts of unconditional love, exists as a state of non polarity, streams purest Light and grace.

On April 7th we will be gathering for a Group Healing session with the Team and inviting in the White Rose vibration.  Move aside any worries, stress, labels or diagnosis, and open to receive healing on all levels of your Being and from All times with the Spirit Doctor Team and the White Rose.  An exciting collaboration in the making!
All distortions of the biological systems whether they originate in the emotional body, mental body, or spiritual realms begin in the energy field.  They can and do make their way into the physical body.  With some assistance, clearing, and time, layers of non beneficial energies and patterning held in the body can be dissolved.  Take in the white rose’s vibration as a guide into your own wholeness and healing.
When a diagnosis is given in western medicine it is a way to label and name what is showing up as wrong with the body.  All good there if we don’t hang our hat on that alone.  Where did the imbalance originate?  A family system or belief?  An ancient ancestral pattern? An unresolved trauma?  An emotional wounding?  An environment with toxins? A carrying of a burden?  Unraveling these deeper bindings and woundings assists one with a greater healing that can lead to a physical healing as well.

The Spirit Doctor Team are a stellar group of loving physicians, healers, and shamans who now reside on Spirit side yet continue to work with us. Their assistance is readily available.

Your only task during this Group Healing session is to place your personal healing request before the Team and be open to receive!
Like the many layers of the White Rose petals, we are going to expand and extend the healing to include others this round. You will be invited to place a request for a loved one or animal companion during this session. It is time to spread the good work!
In addition, insights and guidance will be shared with the group who gathers for this potent interchange.
To register for the April 7th Group Healing, click here.

To see more of Gay’s work please visit her website here.

We send our love to you from the beautiful island of Mallorca Spain,
Susan and Sven

What’s Happening in the Dowsing Lab?
This month we will be discussing Portals both beneficial and non-beneficial ones. Portals are doorways to the underworld and can be on a property, within a house, and in the natural world.  Often portals can be literally seen in rock formations in nature.  Visit for more information on this exciting community.
February’s Transformational Retreat “Stepping Into Your Soul’s Blueprint” was beyond words.  Here we are mid week for a magical day in the Cajas National Park of Ecuador at one of the many pristine fresh water lakes.