The Spirit Doctor Team: On Forgiveness and more

Spirit MATTERS.  Can we really comprehend these times?  How can we grasp these inter-dimensional matters?  The invitation is upon us for we have entered into a new paradigm, one which is calling us to embrace Spirit… both ours and theirs.

I have a short story to share with you.  It includes guidance, insights, and a healing with The Spirit Doctor Team.  A person whom we will refer to as Caroline called asking for a session with the Spirit Doctor Team.  After working through many layers of her childhood abuse she felt herself to be quite confident that peace and freedom were hers.  A very successful business owner, Caroline was away on a mini vacation in Nebraska when she was side swiped by intense emotional waves.  A resurfacing of earlier trauma with all nine yards of it.  When she returned back home one of her clients began talking about an 8-week course she was preparing to offer on “Forgiveness”.   Upon hearing these words Caroline felt such heaviness and wondered what would it take to heal this trauma once and for all.  She decided to seek guidance and whatever healing might be available to her with The Spirit DoctorTeam.

The session was scheduled and Caroline’s request was presented before the Team.  Much transpired in that hour.   A brilliant take on Forgiveness arose.  I have included excerpts from that session below and  bolded the forgiveness piece.  The notes exemplify the Team’s wise and honoring style along with their healing modalities and potent messages.

“Gently, we enter…
Scanning the pelvic area … much cleaning has taken place.  We delve now into layers of the “unseen”.  Going through layers of time and layers of the body’s consciousness.

Like cleaning a mirror, we wipe the imprints and the movie screens clear.  “Hunger, thirst, fear, flight”… Each screen one by one… clearing.

Dear Caroline, your request and preparedness has paved the way for this clearing time, this juncture.  For as  the layers/screens were all merged, it is now time when forward progress (that is what you call it), we call it “life’s mission” takes a leap in soul work.  For this, the imprints dissolve one by one.  We trace through the layers slowly and meticulously now.  Soul retrieval of any and all aspects and all times.

Bringing to Wholeness, like the circular rim sounds of the crystal bowls. Trace your finger around a rim of a bowl….feel the smooth circular motion — invite this in deeper and deeper into your life now.  Your participation, your action, with ours, makes it so.

A visual of an old farm window frame is shown…. chipped white paint with the gray color beneath showing through… Restoration time, revealing your true essence and beauty once again.  Soul emanation is bright.

Are you ready?
Yes, we say you are!

We’re in the kitchen and the cooking is complete.  Now, for the abundance of bounty and harvest… for we say, you have prepared the way.

What are these sheaths and layers to be dismantled, washed clean?
Karmic pressures… steam cleaning you…

We want to tell you of the refined essence you have, that  you carry.  Pristine in nature, crystal clear.  The vibrational level of that emits now and you shall see the results — who shows up, what shows up!

Your DNA strands are spiraling… multi faced.. created by Light.
We are in awe of what we find and see here.
Refined from the pressure… with no excess.

Regarding the request for completion: Bow your head on the altar of forgiveness — for there, just on the underneath side is love — pure love.  Yes, release!  Now, also, we ask you to release the concept itself (of forgiveness), for the mind construction can hold trauma in place…. release it, forgiveness…  for it is done.  Forgiveness locks trauma.

Mala beads, round, circular, whole.  Do you like them?
Keep them around, roll them in your hands and fingers…

Onto the heart and chest… smoothing out with Spirit hands, opening and spreading gently.

Placing you in a horizontal light bed.  It has both upper and lower frames with you laying in the center between them.  There is a scanning, slowly from top to bottom and infusing light.
We hold you here, a pause.

We bow to you.
We honor you.
For this time, this juncture is at hand… your hands and ours!  For that we are grateful.

We are complete.”

Illumination of this concept “release the need to forgive” brings a kind of relief to the table.  The message being that once we have completed a forgiveness act revisiting it over and over creates a lock-in of the original trauma.  Who would like to embrace this guidance on Forgiveness?

“That session on forgiveness has been life changing for me, on that very day I laid that burden down, and oh such freedom.”  – Caroline

This is the story and today’s message to share with you.  The additional aspects in this reading are extra gems for your contemplation.

Blessings to All ~ Both the seen and unseen.

Namaste, Susan

When we open up to the many possibilities that exist within our cosmic heritage we discover there is potent and powerful healing that is available to us. It is called Spirit Medicine. It is as available as it it is real.


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