Spirit Matters: Holy Smokes

Have you ever been in ceremony when incense or tobacco was lit and offered up as an prayer?  There is a quieting that happens.  The air changes.  The very density of reality seems to lighten and one is freer to enter the realm of Spirit.  A simple yet powerful ritual.  One that native people all over the world have performed for centuries.

Today’s excerpt from The Spirit Doctor Team bridges the question:  What does Holy Smoke have to do with smoking?  Well, apparently everything!  Let’s look closer at this relationship in a moment.

Who are these Light Beings?  The Spirit Doctor Team is a group of 46 Ascended Beings who collectively bring their healing modalities and insights into one’s request for healing.  They clear lines of disharmony, remedy imbalances and offer guidance on all levels.  The Team has an innate view into the human condition as they each walked the earth plane at one time.  Their Spirit Medicine encompasses both ancient wisdoms and future technologies. Today’s story leans on the ancient wisdom side.

In the past few weeks, two people called upon the Spirit Doctor Team requesting assistance to stop smoking.  One person shared “I’ve overcome drug addiction and other challenging things, yet, I am still struggling with smoking.  I have not been able to stop”.  The guidance offered by the Team below presents a potent remedy.  It speaks to both the power of ritual and the enactment of the holy.

“A long time habit is nearing its end — its hold only a tether for the very spot and ground you find yourself…  Ah, the ritual of tobacco in the fire– release it to its original purpose — Sacred Smoke.  And we add ‘better on the outside then inside’… This is not a divorce or is there a resistance needed on your part.  It is simply a proper placing and alignment (with the smoke).  When the desire to smoke comes up pick up the tobacco, honor it, and release it in “smoke”.  In this way, a more rightful balance is back in place and alignment — you shall see.”

I am often delightfully surprised with the messages and remedies offered by this loving Team.  Attention is directed in a new way.  A shifting of old (habits) transforms into something new… and in this case into  something sacred and holy.

So, light your candle and send up your prayer.  Spirit World is listening.

Holy Smokes, there is so much more for us to explore.

Namaste, Susan

Our willingness and readiness plays a key and integral part of our own healing, always.


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