Spirit MATTERS: Self talk, the Practice

What patterns and thoughts do we need to un-groove that keep us from the zone of connection?  And specifically what phrases or words need to be eliminated from our talk?

What we already know and science is discovering is that our words do impact us and that our body is listening.  Veronica called asking for guidance regarding her career path along with a request for relief from the stress and pain in her neck.  The Spirit Doctor Team shed some light on these matters and more.  To assist Veronica with the creation of a more easeful and flowing life the Team requested 3 words be taken out of her vocabulary.  I think you will find them to be an interesting selection.

While the Team’s insights are valuable, their suggested practices for shift and change are quite tangible and always within our reach.  Their Spirit hands-on work is to be experienced.  I plan on writing more about that soon.  My wish today is that you will find something here that strikes a chord for you, illuminates an inner desire, or perhaps, literally lightens your load.  Here are the excerpts from Veronica’s session:

“Ah, it is good to know you don’t need to achieve… This is your current mantra dear one…  We ask you to take that (achieve) out of your vocabulary.  You see your tissues respond to your thoughts — it is a relief for all your systems and it offers the movement of ease, freedom, and grace.  

You already know this… this is fine tuning now and pure release of achieve, struggle, and compare.  Those are ALL manmade.  

Look at the natural world — the flowers each in their unique beauty don’t say “Oh, I wish I was blue not purple”.

Easy for us to say — yet remember your open invitation for us and your request for clearing and release is upon you now.

Greet it with ease… in your way “go out for lunch”, enjoy the view, enjoy the “steps” as each one has its gem to be discovered and enjoyed.  Yes, enjoy is an important word for you right now.  Do what you enjoy…. no matter what that is, or, looks like to anyone else.  So be it, an hour of study, a movie, a meal — just feel into the “enjoy”.  

Whole-hearted is the word here too.  Whole hearted=Light hearted.  Light hearted= ease and flow.  You have it.

You are SO much more than the earthly 3D — the only trick/track now is to enjoy the earthly life as that is one of the very reasons you are here — enjoy, learn, and teach.

Spirit hands are on your collar bones now… fingertips pointing in towards the center…  powerful resting hands penetrating deeply into the surface layers and deeper.  Like a prayer.  We call it Spirit Medicine.  It is quiet, peaceful and deeply restorative.  Invite in Gianno (a member of the Team) when you want this work.  

For cervical discs 3-4 we suggest easy rotations. Gentle rotations on the inner planes of consciousness…. that which can then “look” and “see” in many directions.

“Breathe in” a frequency — Call in the Spirit of ____ (peace, abundance, prosperity, love) and literally take a nice deep breath, taking it literally in.  Try this.

We say “step by step” now .. all will gracefully unfold…  you shall see.”

So now how do we align ourselves to co-create with Spirit?   Be ourself, create flow in our lives, let go of … , surrender to… ,  well, fill in the blanks.  It’s clean up time!  I’m in are you?

Namaste, Susan

The Spirit Doctor Team is a group of Ascended Beings who once walked the earth plane as practiced physicians, shamans, and healers.  Their innate wisdom and loving guidance is still with us,  just from the “other side” now.


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