Moving into 2015: Calming the Restless Spirit

Are you feeling restlessness amidst the bustle of the season?  Is your spirit longing for a deeper sense of peace?

When I envision a restless spirit the image of Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol comes up.   I see him dragging his chains through the hallways in the late night.  Although he may not be the visitor one wishes to drop in over the holidays, he certainly had a potent message to deliver.  Well, we know he did for Mr. Scrooge!

In the midst of living on a busy farm what I’ve enjoyed doing the most over the past few days is curling up with my cat on the yoga mat.  My variation of holiday yoga.  I have felt a deep sense of peace just letting my physical weight release into the floor.  In this restful state I know any schisms in my body and psyche can also come to rest and enter into a state of balance once again.

When we move into calm we can see the horizon.  We begin to refresh.  A friend recently said to me “2015 is a year of miracles and it has already begun”.  This is true.  There are miracles leading us into 2015.

As the New year approaches what Sprits do you want to have join you into 2015?  I’m thinking of a few to invite in during these sacred days.  The Spirit of Spirit of Peace, the Spirit of Prosperity and the Spirit of Love are on the top of my list.  And your list?

Happy New Year!



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