SPIRIT MEDICINE: Impressing Life Force Memory

What parts of us remember our ancient past?  Why do we long to go to the ocean, or, make a fire and sit out under the night sky?

I have a story to share with you regarding life force memory and healing.  Jennifer called asking for the Spirit Doctor Team to assist her with a prolonged 3 month skin condition. The doctor she saw gave her cream for excema.  It persisted.

Once in session, the Spirit Doctor Team guided in ancient memories for Jennifer to heal a once upon a time fracture by bringing in life force memory.  Here are the transcribed notes:

“We are pressing down the meridian lines… a kind of energetic squeeze to re-join and re-hydrate your system.  A rejoin from the fracturing.. a rehydration in process.  Life force energies.  Life force liquids.  A remembering of the essence of your sea-water body… offering a cooling and hydration.  We are placing a very very early memory of primordial waters in your cell’s memories and cell’s mind — a nourishing of the tissue is taking place.”

Science claims at birth we are made up of 78% water.  Most of us consider this to be a natural wonder fact and perhaps why from time to time we feel a strong urge to go to the water’s edge.

In Jennifer’s story healing was requiring the very flow of life itself, water’s life force energy, life memory, and trust.  Once remembered in our body’s mind and systems the healing begins.

Isn’t that what we do when we laugh with someone or simply enjoy a sunset?  We rejoin parts of ourselves that may have gotten lost and we remember how truly connected everyone and everything is.  May we all be blessed to remember.

Namaste, Susan


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