IMMERSION: A Week Long Retreat in the Andes of Ecuador

mysticalAre you ready for change yet don’t know what to do next? Do you feel like there is something holding you back? That you feel tired and drained most of the time, and that your relationships and work life are unfulfilling?

If you are like many, you may not be sure what’s stopping you from receiving the health, relationships and connection you’ve been calling into your life. Over the years we have all developed belief systems from our culture, education, and heritage that may have kept us from realizing our full potential. There are parts of us that have splintered and fragmented due to experiencing trauma in this lifetime and others. What if you could reclaim those aspects of yourself, and your soul? Because if you are able to reconnect and fully embody your soul, your purpose and life’s calling move to the forefront, and every decision and choice will be informed from a place of knowing and being.

ChaskyRecover lost aspects of yourself and fine-tune your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with facilitators in an environment dedicated to your personal transformation.

This is why we created a week long immersion in the Crystal Mountains of the Andes to assist you in hearing and reconnecting with Spirit. Here you will be immersed in an holistic healing experience, designed to clear and transform any old agreements that may still be binding your energy. Clear any promises you made in past relationships that are still affecting your life now. And dissolve the underlying fears that keep you playing it safe and have prevented you from taking your life to the next evolutionary step.

Now is the time to remove the unconscious beliefs that have kept you repeating the same unfulfilling patterns. It’s time to release what is no longer serving you and open up to the possibilities and dreams that await you here in the Now. For when we release old patterns, we free our energy up to create anew. We discover the parts of ourselves that have been there all along and have been waiting for the invitation to emerge.

Sven with PrincessaStep away from your everyday life, and allow the time and opportunity to shift your perceptions and create something new. In this week long immersion you will clear the space to be able to tap into and hear the inner voice that brings clarity and inspiration towards your next step.

For 7 days and 6 nights you will immerse yourself in nature and under the stars as a gateway for ushering in change. Fresh mountain spring water, adobe living spaces, grazing alpacas and horses invite your Being to be fully present and receptive to the gifts from the Spirit of the Crystal Mountains. Here you will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, while re-setting your internal compass.

You will spend your days experiencing:

– Crystal Sound bowl healing:  Enabling consciousness to permeate to the deepest levels of your Being.  As a healing modality, the vibration of these crystal singing bowls fine tunes your body’s physical and energetic systems into harmonic frequencies for health and well being.

– Conscious Connected Breathing: Breath allows us to explore the subconscious mind where old beliefs reside, and we are able to re-seed new affirmations for graceful living and personal expansion.

– Hands on body work with an advanced practitioner of over 25 years of Rolf Method of Structural Integration. This methodology will rehydrate the tissues of your body, and open up spaces that may have been stuck, while inviting in a fuller, deeper breath for increased respiration and ease of movement.

– A Raw Juice experience for cleansing the body with a certified naturopath.  Known as the “Valley of Longevity” this area produces pure raw organic juices which vitalize the body. When our bodies are fed these kind of nutrients it enlivens our spiritual awakening.

– Body Connections:  Through powerful movement sequences we remember and reconnect with our body’s natural rhythms and connections. Experience your empowered state of being through movement that connects you to your physical body and grounds you on the earth.

– Healing sessions with the Spirit Doctor Team: Here you will experience the loving work of multidimensional Beings who once walked the earth as physicians and healers. Spirit Doctors works on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves from All times.  Offering guidance and insights, the Team’s work is often felt, heard and seen.

– Changing Energy with a Native American Shaman Dowsing System:  Here you will be working with Spirit World, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Doctors to clear that which no longer serves, eliminate non beneficial energies, and create that which you desire – allowing the Spirit of Abundance, Prosperity, Clarity, Joy and Peace into your life.

– A Hike into the national park with an indigenous guide. You will experience breathtaking waterfalls and the mountain’s abundant flora and fauna with a native guide who will take you places few foreigners have been before.

–  Heighten your connection with Spirit and purify the physical body when you participate in a Native Sweat Lodge.

wild flowersIn addition you will have plenty of free-time to walk the mountain, rest, reflect and integrate your personal transformations.

Allow this experience on Crystal Mountain to clear, heal, and ultimately transform yourself.

Let your Spirit lead the way.

Investment for this intimate transformative week is $1200.

Lodging and Meals are included. With different room types available, please contact us as they will be booked on first come, first served basis.

Two dates available: June 6 -12 or August 15 – 22, 2015

roomIn order to amplify the personal nature of the work, we keep our Immersions small, only 6  participants per retreat.  Each attendee will get hands-on, one-on-one attention with our facilitators.

Payment options available.

About our Facilitators:

susan y svenSven has mastered the language of dowsing. His technical abilities merge with intuition to create a potent avenue for making changes. Sven is a gifted facilitator with direct communication skills to prompt participants in the healing process.  He is an advanced Rolf practitioner and incorporates other healing modalities into his work.  He encourages participants to step forward on their path and realize their full potential.

Susan’s work with the Spirit Doctor Team opens the doorway to spontaneous healing and direct communication with Spirit.  She has over 30 years experience as a certified movement analyst, teacher and choreographer.  Susan’s compassion and empathy encourages gentle steps forward towards understanding one’s personal life path.


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