It’s Revelation Time

Living a life here on planet earth means being exposed to cultural and educational programs.  Familial and community beliefs imprint upon us much like a parent’s behavior and posture are modeled to their child.  How do we emerge untouched by these systems and beliefs?  The truth is that we don’t.  We have to rediscover and reclaim the essence of who we are in the face of many layers of non-truths.  The good news is we can and if we chose to engage in the adventure we can follow the signs and clues like good detectives!   

Start by considering: What do you feel most joy in doing? Who inspires you? Where do you feel most alive? The joy, inspiration, and aliveness you feel are Spirit Nudged “YES’s” and your clues of who you are at the very core.

Even though we are all Creators, the real goal is to become the Master of Our Creation.  Mastering our creation is a process and requires a series of lessons and letting go’s and then at one point when the momentum is going just right, there is a leap. Part of my process was engaging with teachers whom I felt a connection with, teachers who modeled integrity and clarity.  I admired them, learned from them, studied their methods and observed their quality of life.  Choosing our role models is one of the first steps we take. Then there comes a day when it is time to move on. Eventually, we all grow our wings sure and strong enough to find that we are at graduation day!  

We become the artist and creator of Ourself.  A friend and assistant here on our mountain farm is an indigenous man from Ecuador.  One day he arrived with a tree trunk and said “there is a form inside the trunk wanting to come out”.  At first, he used larger tools cutting away big chunks of the wood until finally his chisels came out.  Subtler shaping with the curve of a face, a folded hand began to emerge.  Days and weeks later the image of Mary presented in full body form with refined features and folds in her robe.  How beautiful to witness this unveiling, this dedication to a work of creation.

This is the work we are setting out to do as Creators!  We are both the sculptor and the emerging form waiting to be discovered and unearthed.  We are our best creations. And it is true, expanding beyond our current boundaries and form can be raw at times.  An uncomfortable feeling creeps in as our metamorphoses takes place.  A dash of doubt, fear, and overwhelm.  But the way we have found to be the most transformational in this process is to engage with Spirit world.  Most are familiar with angels and guides and how helpful they can be when we quiet ourselves and listen. The Spirit Doctor Team whom we engage with work on subtle energetic realms while offering guidance and insights. All having a direct affect on our physical, emotional, and mental body.

Sitting in meditation with the Team I often receive their loving and encouraging messages:

“We see no barriers .. simply a recovering and reclaiming of all that you have done and prepared for

Beyond your imagination is You.  Beyond your thoughts is You.

Time for recollection and gathering in again…

A generous smile and heart open the doors.. and while the Doors are actually ALL open, the human doors are awaiting you — Step forward and Step through… You WILL be delighted to find yourself in new circles, new avenues which match your vibration — a vibration that has been growing and collecting speed, Light and Love all along the way.”

These messages simply remind us of greater possibilities available to each of us. It is up to us to discover and shape the artist’s rendition of Self.

I understand leaving behind our old beliefs and life is at times both painful and exhilarating.  We just need to remember that the new form is already there waiting for our discovery just below the surface.

What if you truly knew how expansive you are?  What if you knew what you were here to Create?  How could your life be different?

It’s Revelation Time! It’s time to remember who you came here to be. Time to live from a place of true desire and inspiration.  Make the Leap, begin the journey of reconnecting with your authentic Self. Allow yourself a unique healing experience in the Crystal Mountains of the Andes, in an environment that naturally ushers in joy and peace, and a connection that brings clarity to your decisions.

We invite you to consider attending our Immersion Week Long Retreat where you will experience the connection that has always been there just beneath the surface layers. It’s time to embrace the beauty and potential within.  For more information, visit our website at:  Immersion Retreat June and …


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