Living in an Energetic Playing Field 

How we think, what we say, and what we feel carries energy.  Imagine neutralizing feelings that have kept you in a cyclical pattern of guilt or shame.  Or eliminating non-beneficial psychic cords with an ex-partner that continue to linger.  Becoming more aware of how we use our energy and how energy affects us can help us learn how to work with energy in ways that clear life long patterns, removes obstacles along our path, and opens doors to new possibilities.

Over the years, one of the most effective tools we’ve used to clear non-supportive energies is a modality called Dowsing. It is a system that has been passed down to us from four generations of Native American Shamans.

The theory behind Dowsing is that everything consists of energy and all energy is changeable. The Native people of the world understood this concept and in some way were the first Dowsers. Their Dowsing system looks different in that they used ceremonial practices for various healing and clearings and now, current day Dowsers use the power of words to effect energetic changes.

Because words carry vibration, words have the highest potential to shift energy. In Dowsing, learning to be specific with our word choice and knowing how to ask the right question brings about the clearest and best results.  The mantras we use are intentional, and precise, and come from a long line of native healers.  They systematically clear negative energies, thought patterns, and beliefs, and create a space for the Light to shine in.

When we work with the Dowsing system, we engage the Spirit world to assist us. Through this collaboration we are allowed a unique opportunity to move and disassemble energy, adjust it, or increase it without being drawn into or bogged down by it.  We become alchemists in a field of our creation, and these energetic tools empower us to improve our day-to-day living.

Some examples:

Think of a time when you moved into a new place; that house or apartment held energy from what transpired before you arrived.  If there was divorce or bankruptcy that energy could imprint on you.  Often, similar trouble ensues for the new owner or renter, without that person being aware of what is happening. By utilizing Dowsing techniques, you would be able to hold a house clearing that creates a positive field of energy to live and work within. And with regular clearings of your space, especially after parties and family visits, you would be able to remove the non-beneficial energies that stick around long after your visitors leave.

Space holds energy and whether we like it or not, negative thoughts and patterns affect us.  Stepping into non-beneficial energy is like stepping into a cobweb.  It sticks to us.  It may not be visible but is often palpable; it’s that difference we feel between walking into a mortuary or hospital versus a party or friend’s house.

And our ancestral line carries energy too.  What about the family you come from?  What positive aspects have you adopted?  What if you knew your ancestral line carried non-supportive beliefs that were still affecting you?  Would you like to filter out those beliefs, while keeping the positive ones?

Creating effective filters for ourselves, property, family and friends is one of the many things Dowsing can do.  Filters run interference and keep us from recycling repeated family patterns and beliefs.  If your family line operated out of lack wouldn’t you want to change that pattern for yourself and for those coming after you? Because once you make a change within your ancestral line it affects the entire family down the line.

Dowsing allows us to enter into a playing field, an active field of energy that can be shaped, reconfigured, and redirected with our powerful words and requests. The results can bring dramatic changes in our life; removing obstacles and creating a more optimistic feel and flow.  Whether it is attracting a partner, a buyer, or, eliminating a worn-out habit, you get to creatively design your present moment and future.

Double rainbow

To experience Dowsing first hand, please consider joining Sven and I at our upcoming retreat in the Crystal Mountains of Ecuador.  Together, we will alchemically shift, eliminate, and create a life of your choosing

Private Dowsing sessions also available.s y s casita


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