When you pause and consciously build your energy you place yourself upon a moving track of momentum.  The gears engage, the cart begins to move up the track slipping into the grooves with an effortless glide, well oiled, synchronized ..  — and you are on the ride — the ride of a lifetime!

Juliet on the mtCenterstage in the June Immersion Healing Retreat was this:  What is holding you back from alignment with Source?  With having fulfilling work, relationships, and health you deserve?  What juncture do you find yourself at this moment?  Are you on the track?  Are you discovering the experience of freedom?  Are you at the top and preparing to “Let Go” for the ride?  Or, are you gripping the handle bars out of fear?

We all have times and moments of fear.  The question is what do you do with it?

If you discover you have placed a hold on your momentum, your alignment with Source, this retreat will assist you in Re-Setting your gauge, your inner guidance system.  We are here to support you through this healing journey and discovery.  Crystal Mountain provides a momentous base for this transformation, for dissolution of fears and perceived constraints.

Here is what the Spirit Doctor Team shared with our June Immersion participants: cropped-mystical.jpg

Your collective gathering has created a momentum.  A momentum that builds fast for when more than one are gathered of like mind momentum is an easy ride — a fluid current of currency.

This alchemical process is literally moving, rearranging, aligning ..

for clear vision, for clear path, for clear action ..steps

Move through the distractions  .. Stay the course…

Don’t abandon ship… Remember there is a momentum building… no flat tires.. no time for flat tires.

Yes, the click clack slowing down right before the top.. a moment to catch one’s breath…  How do you prepare for the ride?  Let go!

You’ve done the work…Give yourself permission for the ride — A ride of a lifetime.  It is our understanding and our promise that you won’t be disappointed.

group photoThe momentum has begun.  We’re click clacking up the tracks of the roller coaster together —Anticipate the feel at the top. See the expressions of each of your faces and feel the pure joy of the ride to come… 

TRUST — You’ve got your ticket and you’re sitting in the car “going up”… Ha!  See you there!  We love you.  We are here to assist.

Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to build the momentum? This is our goal for you and our work set out together.  Join us this August for Immersion on Crystal Mountain in the Andes of Ecuador.

“You are coming into full alignment as you walk the curving pathway to freedom”….Spirit Doctor Team


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