We are so much more than what we were told

What if you discovered that your physical form is a living breathing manifestation of your Spirit and Soul?  Would you treat yourself differently knowing this?  Might you see others in a different light knowing this?  Science has proven that our beliefs and emotions are intricately woven within the body creating a unique tapestry called “you”.  Yet, there is so much more!

When arriving on the planet a prepackaged template passed down through your ancestral line, ordered up by society and reinforced by outdated educational systems created a vision of you.  This is all up for review – your review.  A dramatic shift is in the air and is currently in progress.  

Let’s expand the template. Why? Because your heritage does include Spirit and more.  A spirit that resides within you not some force outside of you.  If you choose to fully embrace and live this truth an opportunity of a lifetime is at your fingertips – an empowering place of abundance, limitlessness, grace, beauty and love.

To discover who you truly are is within your reach.  Peeling back the layers, healing old wounds and removing blocks assists with this discovery.  All your evolutionary steps have brought you to this doorway. The door is wide open now and it is up to each of us to choose to walk through.  To discover and feel connection to nature, to Spirit, to one another and to the very planet herself. 

When you do walk through the doorway you open to your full potential as a creator. Each of us carries unique gifts blending skill sets, personality, spirit, and soul into a once in a lifetime formula to be shared and cherished.  This truth is a transformational key to creating heaven on earth. It is up to each of us to Remember and Live this truth now while false beliefs continue to dissolve and limited structures crumble. 

Beyond the first doorway is a huge galaxy awaiting your participation.  There is a golden opportunity to declare your galactic heritage and interface with Spirit dimension for the experience of complete oneness, the healing of yourself, others, and this beautiful planet.  Let’s name it Co-Creation at its Best.  Begin to unfold the mystery and see the person in the mirror (you) as the bright Light of innumerable energies and love that is here to experience life to its fullest.  If you need some assistance look to what inspires you for this will be your ultimate clue to the unfolding.   

Here are some steps to help you once again trust your intuition: 

  • Sit quiet in nature and listen for the voice that is uniquely yours.
  • Trust your feelings.
  • Follow your own best advice.
  • Quiet the ever running conscious mind’s chatter long enough to “hear”.
  •  Listen for the messages of Spirit for they are always speaking to you. They will be loving messages of encouragement and support and not the other. 

You are more than this physical body you’ve been told you are, and you have access to something far greater than you’ve been made aware of, and if you are looking for assistance tapping into this expanded awareness, consider joining our August 15-21 Immersion Healing Retreat on Crystal Mountain in the Andes of Ecuador.  Group and private sessions with the Spirit Doctor Team are insightful and offer guidance.  

It is quiet, peaceful, and deeply restorative.  Like a prayer.  We call it Spirit Medicine.

Who are the Spirit Doctor Team? They come from Spirit dimension, sometimes knows as 4th and 5th dimension.  Most of the Team have walked on this planet as doctors and healers of their time.  There are over 46 members including holistic practitioners, dentists, veterinarians, and native shamans.  The Team brings with them ancient wisdoms long held in the archives of this planet and future tools that exceed our currently known technologies.  They are a group of loving Master Beings who generously offer their services and healing tools. 



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