Dowsing On Line Seminar!

Alchemize your Energy!


3 On-line Session Seminar

With Susan Gash and Sven Carlson from

Crystal Mountain Healing

Nov 28, Dec 5 & Dec 12

Are you desiring tools to catalyze the next step of your journey?  Tools that give you mastery skills to raise energy levels, both yours and others?  Do you sometimes feel drained after being with a friend or family member?  Might an energetic filter be of benefit to you? And would you consider clearing old energetic imprints left behind from previous owners or even past lives?

Discover how the invisible world of energy impacts you.  Engage with an ancient shamanistic system to create harmony and abundance in your life. With dowsing you can: 

pendulum– Bring harmonic frequencies into your Personal Relationships

– Reach high levels of integrity and communication with Business Partnerships

– Live in ideal states of Health and Wellbeing

– Connect with Spirit World on a daily basis.

Susan and Sven each draw upon 30 years of healing arts experience. Their down to earth style combined with their technical and intuitive dowsing skills create an enlivening experience from which to draw from. Dowsing is one of their favorite modalities to work  in often with life changing results.

Dowsing engages Spirit World, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Doctors to receive insights and answers to your questions. These tools whether to clear non beneficial energies or entities, or raise vibrations are keys to fully empowering the inherent skills and gifts within you.

• 1st Session – November 28th at 10am – 11.30am Eastern (NY time).

• 2nd Session – December 5th at 10am – 11.30am Eastern (NY time).

• 3rd Session – December 12th at 10am – 11.30am Eastern (NY time).

Pre requisite:  Purchase a pendulum.  Read “Introduction to Dowsing” this will be emailed to you upon registration with all other document materials.  Please note that this must be completed prior to the first session.

Each Session is 1.5 hours and will include instruction in dowsing as well as interactive Q&A time for participants.

Seminar fee: $135

Seminar attendants are offered a discounted price for a private dowsing session following the seminar. A private session offers deep personal clearings and assistance with implementation of this method in your line of work and personal practice. Private Dowsing session $90

Limited number of attendants, register now to confirm only 20 places available. To Register:

We’re looking forward to sharing this potent and efficient method — One that can change your life and the life of your loved ones as well.


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