Greetings with a Dowsing Update: Multi-dimensional Living Filters

Greetings to everyone,

We are very happy to launch our first newsletter!  Many of you we’ve had the honor to meet through private session work and as participants in our seminar classes and some have come to Crystal Mountain for a personal retreat.  This year feels to be the year to clear and tidy up any obstacles, personal blocks, or, self limiting beliefs that are standing in our way – and to move through the gateway offered in 2016 into the realm of all possibilities.  Here on Crystal Mountain we are doing such work – deleting old structures and beliefs and finding the confidence to move forward and become more public with our offerings.  We hope you do the same as each of you has a unique gift to offer this world.

Living in the Andes mountains of southern Ecuador has certainly taken us through some  major life shifts.  Nature as the predominant force has imprinted our day-to-day living.  We get up earlier and go to bed earlier for starters!  Prior to coming to Ecuador we fell into a healing practice with an Amish community in the states. It was a completely unfamiliar environment yet their simple way of living and interdependence with the land was very intriguing and inviting.  Honestly, we never dreamed we would be living on a farm in the Andes mountains a few years later.  In reflection, experiences like that prepared us for this adventure and we have been held by nature and graced by the loving energies of the grazing animals who live on this farm with us.  However, there are many ways you can initiate change without moving to a new country!  Stepping up to a challenge, saying Yes when an opportunity arrives at your door, or, turn and face a lifelong issue – there are so many paths to traverse the mountain.

Here on the mountain, we engage with Spirit World on a daily basis – You may be familiar with the Dowsing work we do – It is limitless as to what you can accomplish with this system of energy work – from clearing old vows to raising the energy level of your living space.  Dowsing is an ancient shamanistic system that continues to expand, change, and evolve. New discoveries simply emerge when your awareness and consciousness expands.

A recent discovery that may be of assistance to you is what we have named the Multi-dimensional Living Filter – An new and upgraded filter system that literally utilizes life force to assist you.  Often we ask a dowsing client if they would like to create a “filter” acting as an energetic shield or monitor of sorts.  A filter can be placed around anything – your person, your living space, or an electronic device, to deflect non beneficial energies or frequencies from co-mingling with your energetic field.

Many of our new dowsing discoveries come to us via our client sessions. During a session with Claire, a biologist, she opted to create a filter that was most unusual.  Most filters are imagined as mesh like structures, or, vibrant colors.  Claire’s filter was living!  She envisioned and designed a most intricate vining, with leaves, roots, and all the trappings of a live eco-system.  A few days later, on a teleconference with Lucia Rene ( we were gifted with a Transmission of Light and the Living Filter surfaced in my awareness field.  A clarity dropped in like a flash of illumination – The Living Filter is not only alive, it is sentient being… and more importantly because it is living it is adaptive!  It adjusts, alters, and re-routes when necessary.  Because all dowsing is in the present moment this new Living Filter continually adapts to what is needed.  When there is an upgrade or surge of electromagnetic frequencies being showered upon you, the Living Filter simply knows what to do!  How amazing is that?  When frequency emittance is increased the Living Filter reads it and adjusts itself to meet the needs of the current moment.

If you would like to create such a filter for yourself, simply ask Spirit World to co-create a multidimensional Living Filter with you that serves to 1. Deflect all non-beneficial energies, frequencies, and vibrations back to Source energy; and 2. Allow all beneficial energies, frequencies, and vibrations to flow through to you.  If you work with a pendulum, it will swing in a creation mode which for us is clockwise.

We have witnessed clients creating full aquatic living filters, flower gardens as filters, and sun rays as filters.  What filter would suit you best?  This creative process done in collaboration with Spirit World is sure to bring positive change into your life.  We suggest you develop a relationship with your Multidimensional Living Filter and to thank it for the work being done.

Sending Much Love from Crystal Mountain,

Susan and Sven


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