Harnessing the Power of Grids


Sven and I are very excited to share with you a piece in our work that has been revealing itself to us more and more…Grid Work.

Did you ever play hopscotch on the sidewalks?  Square boxes that you could jump to and from to reach the other side.  An early game of movement and navigational direction.
Much like that early game, energetic grids play a role in expanding your ability to glide while assisting you with your bearings. Once you tap into a grid you access a vaster network and harness a wide array of energies, information, and insights.

At our first Treasure Trove of Transformation Workshops a physical grid was formed by the international gathering.  During a Spirit Doctor Healing session, I was guided to lay participants on the floor one by one – some in a vertical alignment and others in a horizontal alignment.  It was unbeknownst to me at the time that we were creating an energetic grid and like a patchwork pattern it came together beautifully. The grid dropped down into the core of the earth similar to a key card you are given to open a hotel room door. With a click the green light popped on opening up a connection to a vast network – one that had been shut down for so long. The door was opened. The engine was up and running.  It activated, pulsed, and emitted frequencies from a newly formed, deeply rooted and rewired network – signaling “all is good”.  It was a Light Up Gaia moment.  We were in awe.

What became apparent was that each of us have a unique code that allows us to connect to a larger network. A place beyond the boundaries of our conditioning. Simply, tap into the core earth grid and discover the many benefits it offers you – insights, guidance, and support – and likewise the support you have to offer this vast network.  For it connects us to the earth, to each other, and to the many Beings who are standing in alignment for this choice moment of Oneness.  We’re in an intended historical moment — A masterful moment long awaited and to be carried out through this year, 2016.  A move from constriction to freedom.

There is another grid we would like to mention, one that is unique to each individual – a Subconscious Grid – because as you move into higher frequencies now it is much easier to access your intuition and larger fields of information. In the Art of Dowsing you form and lay a Subconscious Grid.  You can think of this Subconscious Grid as a database for your practice. It includes specific dowsing language, the artistry of asking the question, and the access to a field of information that you tap into for intuition.

Laying the Subconscious Grid is key to building your practice, strengthening your intuition, your trust, and your technical abilities.  We developed a Daily Dowsing Practice protocol for new dowsers to do such a thing.  Often in dowsing questions arise such as:  How do I trust my answer and results?  How do I stay neutral when dowsing something that involves me?  These are good questions and we simply say – practice and get to know your pendulum – it’s feel, the swing, and eventually even the nuances within the swinging motion give you information.

Dowsing is a very self empowering tool.  If you feel drawn to learn the Art of Dowsing we are offering our 3rd on-line Seminar this month.  We’re ready to take you on a journey and exploration of the fascinating world of energy where you get to be in the driver’s seat.  We always suggest to new dowsers to start by working with yourself and friends, and then later as you build your practice naturally you will be drawn to work in specific areas – your oyster and your pearl.  The world looks brighter as more dowsers begin to take the reign and work with energy.

There is yet another, larger grid that we have been guided to explore – and that is the Earth’s grid itself.  We’ve come across a readiness and desire of the earth’s land to once again be whole – A clearing of the planet’s history and imprints of greed, disrespect, and war, followed with a Soul Retrieval.  The significance of the earth’s request has come to us from parts of Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Ecuador to date. We’ll be writing more about this later and perhaps you’ll consider joining us as we embark on a planetary rejoining of soul for the December 21st solstice, 2016.

We hope to connect with you soon for collectively we are quite the interstellar group.

With Love,
Susan and Sven


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