Spirit Doctor Team Group Healing: June 26th, 11 am eastern NY time.

For one hour you will be held by a multidimensional entourage of healers, physicians, and shamans whom once walked the earth plane. 171_angelic_realmsThis Team known as The Spirit Doctors utilizes work that encompasses technologies from the future, along with ancient earth wisdoms, to help clear debris from your energetic field and restore the life force energies within your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. 

Susan will act as a facilitator between you and the Spirit World, assisting with direct interpretation and communication between the two worlds.  Your personal healing requests will always be taken into consideration during the session and held in the loving presence of the Spirit Doctor Team. Your only responsibility is to lie down, relax, and enter into a deep state of receptivity.

Participants often receive unique insights and guidance into their current life experiences. Guidance to both contemplate and propel you to your next level. People feel lighter, less encumbered, and more confident – physical complaints disappear.  After a session with the Team, many are ready to reclaim their sovereignty, well being, and their multidimensionality.

At the end of the session a transcript of the communication that comes through from the Team is gifted to you via the audio recording.  

It is understood that when two or more are gathered the energies are amplified. Join us for this potent connection and healing with Spirit World. 

For more information and to register:



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