Exiting the Matrix Support Series

Greetings everybody,
As things tend to go… Exiting the Matrix and dismantling of the chakras has created an upheaval for many people.  Where are you in this process?  What old programs have suddenly surfaced?  What blocks are coming up? And would you like some additional support in how to deal with it?

As dowsers, Sven and I are aware of energetic bindings such as old agreements, contracts, and psychic cords. During this time of exiting the matrix and dissolving the chakras, we have seen multifaceted apparatus fitted into the chakra system via hardwired cable cords. Did we as a collective agree to be part of the matrix, or, have we been at the hands of a system of control that we are only now seeing clearly?  No matter the answer, these kinds of energetic bindings and holdings drain our energy and siphon our power.  And as you cut free from the matrix you may find yourself in a period of disorientation.

Once you’ve decided to exit the matrix  you’ll find everything looks different, feels different, and is different. Your energetic and physical body is working hard to make sense of it all.  A recalibration is taking place – one that does have light at the end of the tunnel!

Exiting the matrix and moving from constriction to freedom, takes you into a transitional phase and process. Dropping old belief systems, clearing old patterns and imprints literally disconnects you from your old ways of being.  A feeling of a void can prompt “what is happening”, “what is going on here”, or perhaps you are flying as high as a kite with no ground in sight.  We’ve also discovered that unplugging the chakras and exiting the matrix have brought up “doubt” and “I don’t deserve” programs amongst others – all purposely and intrinsically woven into the matrix itself.

Once you choose to exit the matrix and dismantle the control mechanisms a lot gets cut loose.  A navigational tool may be of assistance and support as you find your new bearings in a new land.

Our recent pilot program Exiting the Matrix completed and we can assuredly tell you significant ground work was laid with phenomenal results to date.
The upcoming and last live Support Series begins this Saturday, July 30th, and runs August 13th and 27th. This participatory teleconference incorporates dowsing mantras to identify, clear, and remove matrix webbing, programming, and hard wired cable cording hooked to and within the energetic and physical body.
If you would like some energetic support for a smoother passage and a gentler landing as you navigate your exit you may want to consider joining us. You can register for the full series or opt for one session.

And if you are wondering “was this even a good idea?” let us share that exiting the matrix and dismantling of the chakra system may not be an easy task, however, the new way of being is well worth it!  For you are looking at self sovereignty, clarity, freedom, fluidity and flexibility as your biggest rewards.
Best regards in times of big change,
Susan and Sven


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