Rounding the Corner to 2017!

Greetings Everyone,
As we’re rounding the corner to 2017, is there anything asking for resolve as you close your year?

Any lingering emotions around lack, not good enough, or, don’t deserve?  If any of these deep untruths are tugging at you it’s time to put them to rest.  For none of that was really ever you.

We’re entering into a creative manifesting time.  A time to un-encumber yourself as you step through the doorway into the New Year and move into the current accelerated energies with grace and beauty.  With each step you become lighter and freer.

To round up this year on Crystal Mountain we have a few offerings that might assist with your transit into 2017.

“Alchemize Your Energy – Introduction to Dowsing”  December 3, 10, 17.  Our Introductory Seminar is chock full of applications to clear old programs, vows, and curses, while giving you the tools to do this for yourself and others.  We live in a sea of energy – one that you discover how to shift, move, and change – by using sage old shamanic mantras with the power of your intention. Outcomes and reality shift as a result. Yours included!  This Introduction to Dowsing Seminar is our last live Introductory course. Afterwards the introductory seminar will only be available as a series of MP3 recordings. Click here to sign up, or, find out more.

“A Group Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team” on December 11 to assist clearing old vibrational patterns that may keep you in the shadows, or, unclear on your path.  We will be unwinding and untangling any cords in the etheric realms and within your physical body that may be holding you back.  To sign up, or, find out more, click here: Group Healing with Susan and the Spirit Doctor Team

Then, we are going to arc over to 2017 and look to the horizon of what is possible.  Would you like to join with us this December to create this empowered transit?

Sending Love and Best Wishes to All,

Susan and Sven

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