A Choice Moment

It is time to rightfully acknowledge and confirm that we are capable creators of an abundant and meaningful expressive life.

No more victims, no more less than, and no more I don’t deserve.

Are you willing to let those old roles and imprints go and resolve?

If so, be ready to reclaim the unique composition of energies that you are.  And with that comes unique gifts to share with the world.

pathWhat excites you?  What brings you joy? What draws you into action?  From this place you can inquire and discover your path, purpose, and mission here on planet earth. It may take a few trials to uncover your answers… but you are worth it, I guarantee.

Yes, there are ups and downs.  Yes, there is happiness and sadness.  And at times, major calibrations that require your full participation and witnessing.

We are all part of the evolutionary continuum, yet each of us is on an individual trajectory.  We are living breathing spirit beings with a huge range and potential, if we so choose.  Choosing is the number one factor here.

Harnessing the life you truly desire and deserve is within your reach once you face and eliminate any blocks and fears to MOVING forward with your life energy and essence.

Gaining clarity is a huge part of your potential reality coming true.  You may be wondering how can you, or, anyone for that matter become clear in such complex and tumultuous times?  How does one come out of the fog of internalized cultural conditioning, mass consciousness, ancestral belief systems, and any intentional external interferences?

Well, first of all and most importantly, you have to want that. You have to want to be truly free of constraints and willing to see through illusion.  You must be willing to do the work, to ask the questions, and at times to feel the discomfort. Ultimately, you have to be willing to change.  Note – this is not for everyone! Easier said than done, but, in truth so very accessible.  In fact, you may be feeling your spirit nudging you to take the steps, to take the leap into the unknown, to course correct at this very moment.  The good news is that the earth’s energies and the universal energies are ready to support you.

There are many paths to self discovery and many ways to dissolve old patterning keeping you asunder. Discern what is best for you.  Ask your guides to show you what steps are in your best interest.  Ask for confirmations.  You will receive what you need.

Recently, we received an email from someone who said “I’m in need of some clearing and I asked my guides to help me find the proper channel for assistance.  I came across your youtube on Clearing Entities and feel my question was answered”.

Look to what is drawing your attention.  And if you feel drawn to understanding the world of energy available and to discovering how you can begin to shape and craft that energy for yourself and for others, you may want to consider a powerful method rooted in shamanistic origins called Energy Dowsing.

At Crystal Mountain Healing we endeavor to bring forward tools and techniques to assist you with the intense changes that the planet is going through. 2017 is proving to be a powerful year of change and transformation on many levels.  In lieu of this, we crafted a specific and intentional Retreat this year Energy Dowsing and Healing Work to consciously guide this process along and to effect a powerful change in your life in the direction that most serves your highest purpose.

Energy Dowsing is an ever expanding field and once learned is at your fingertips, literally. To learn more about this potent healing modality, http://crystalmountainhealing.com/dowsing/

If you are new to the concept of Energy Dowsing yet feel drawn to attending this Retreat simply complete our 5 hour recorded on-line course as a pre-requisite for the upcoming July Energy Dowsing Healing Retreat in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. http://crystalmountainhealing.com/dowsing-seminar-2/

Take the next steps to fulfilling your unique potential, a once in a lifetime, yours, ability to effect change within and without.  We would love to have you on board for this momentous gathering of like minded energy workers, healers, and souls.

Event:  Energy Dowsing Healing Retreat July 23-28, 2017 in Ecuador – Building Confidence, Creating Excellence, Developing Leadership in the Field

Enter into the pristine energies of the Andes mountains for a 5 day 6 night retreat to deepen your dowsing practice and strengthen your connection to Spirit World.  Discover and actively create new protocols in the field of Energy Dowsing.  Receive the work of the Spirit Doctor Team healing all levels of your being from All times. 

Susan Gash and Sven Carlson are your co-facilitators. http://crystalmountainhealing.com/about/

Held in Cuenca, Ecuador, a World Heritage Site and hosted by  Hosteria Duran, a modern style hotel with thermal waters providing both healing and medicinal properties. Limited to 14 participants – Creating an intimate environment where in depth work can be received and accomplished.

To Find out more and Register to attendhttp://crystalmountainhealing.com/retreats/

Wishing you all the very best, Susan and Sven


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