The Light Body – A Balance in the Making

Greetings Everyone,

As we swiftly move through what wants to be cleared in our individual energy fields it may feel like the bottom dropping out.  And, in fact, that may be what is happening.

Often when I take a shower I see things.  When I looked at the “bottom falling out” it appeared just below the feet as a portal opening – as if standing on nothing, an empty void space.  But when I looked closer and peered into that space I saw an endless night sky filled with stars.

We’re moving toward the Light body and perhaps this is what it looks like – a spacious filled cosmos of particulate star matter all wanting to manifest now within our human structure. How can we best allow for this transformative miracle to occur?  Well for one thing, we can choose to go with the shift and create as much peace within as possible.

Deeply layered debris may be surfacing up for release as we make our way towards a Light body.  This, along side the incoming new frequencies may create a topsy turvy feel, like being on a carnival ride and quickly asking “when can I get off, please?”  Words and phrases like turbulent, tumultuous, unknown, wild, like nothing before come to mindAnd this seems across the board for so many right now.

So, if you’ve been feeling off, at the end of a road, isolated in your experience, or just wanting some assistance along your way you may want to consider joining the upcoming Group Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team, Sunday, March 19th.

We will be asking for:  A balance of the new frequencies permeating your physical and energetic body; A calming of your system allowing it to be a more fluid receptor and receiver of these new Light frequencies; Clarity, insights, and healing on all levels from All times.  As always, your personal healing requests are incorporated into the hour-long session.

The new frequencies offer us expansion if we can receive and not resist them. Supporting your physical and energetic body at this time is of great benefit to receive with a little more grace and ease. As we move out of centuries of dualistic nature we are being offered a multi colored rainbow of possibilities. It’s a transition phase that could use a little TLC.
The Spirit Doctor Team often remind us that they are quite understanding of the human condition as many of them once walked the earth before as physicians and healers. They have some ideas about how to assist us with this transitional step. Would you like to add some balance, recuperation, and integration into your current energy mix?  We are gathering in March, might you like to join us?

Do check out our new Gift Offerings page.  We created two 30-minute Conscious Connected Breathing meditationsHealing & Prosperity to assist with foundational shifts in your life.

Sending love and best wishes.
We hope to see you soon,

Susan and Sven


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