Upcoming teleconference Saturday, April 29th!

This year is a quantum leap year for what can be accomplished.  So much is shifting so fast.  Have you felt the rush of energies wanting to dance with you?  And even taking the lead in the dance?  One can leap across the canyon divide or hang on to the side. When you take opportunities that come along your way and say “yes” you will discover immense amounts of expansion available for you and the likes of things you might not have ever imagined!

More and more of one’s soul’s purpose and energy is ready to emerge, engage, and wanting to be embodied.  We are in the time of surpassing any and all of what we could have imagined for ourselves and others.

These energies and shifts over the past months have informed and infused our June Workshops and July Retreat to reflect the call to Embody and Align with Soul.

This coming Saturday, April 29th, Sven and Susan are offering a free teleconference call to discuss their upcoming live events and answer any questions you might have about attending.  Join us to get a taste of the transformational energies that will be present at the events and see how they resonate with you.


BEING DIVINATION Retreat in the Andes mountains of Ecuador this July is where you will be building the body as a container to hold and become the new Light frequencies using dowsing to merge your intuition and direct powerful mantras as agents of change.
Aligning To Your Soul’s Purpose Weekend Workshop in London this June is where you will delve into deep clearing and an awakening to one’s unique soul mission.
A Day of Multi-dimensional Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team is sponsored by the College of Psychic Studies in London this June.

Sending love and best wishes.
We hope to see you soon,

Susan and Sven




One thought on “Upcoming teleconference Saturday, April 29th!

  1. Looks great Susan and Sven,

    I will do my best to join you all. But I really want to go to the retreat! whaaaa. Please send a love bubble to Earl and Salty dog. Salty ate a 21/2 month supply of anti inflammatory meds and maybe he shared with Earl. The kids are on iv in a clinic in New Jersey. Praying for their kidneys and livers. Ribbon is moping about looking for them, it’s kind of sad……

    How are you? I’m laughing that we never connected while you were in the states. I hope to one day very soon share a cup of tea of bottle of wine on a Skype call and catch up. You live in my heart and I am deeply moved that we showed up in each others life experiences to reflect and grow, laugh and love.

    Until soon…….and always within……love >


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