Lots of change is in the air!

Are you feeling it?

Recently in London, a group of 50 participants gathered for a Day of Multidimensional Healing with Susan and the Spirit Doctor Team at the College of Psychic Studies. The atmosphere was one of pure openness and willingness to move through the dimensional doorways claiming healing on all levels. Here is one of the Spirit Doctor messages that was given to help assist in optimizing the energy of our current times:

A Moving Foundation is afoot – It is new and it is the foundation that allows for alterations, shifts, and changes to occur. We encourage you to stay fluid and flexible, not only in the movement of your physical bodies but within your minds as well, and most importantly in your hearts. For a fluid heart has immeasurable capacities to hold and to expand beyond borders… And isn’t that exactly what is needed now more than ever?

The very next weekend an intimate group of 18 gathered for our intensive two day workshop exponentially expanding upon the fluid foundation referenced by the Spirit Doctors. We came across a significant clearing which touched all present – a clearing of one’s given names from ancestral lineage, historical strands, biblical references and non beneficial imprints. Each participant shared various sources of their given names; an uncle’s namesake laced with heavy Swedish history, a mother’s maiden name carrying diminished female power, a name given referencing a family friend whose son died at an early age. The stories connected to the names carried energetic binds, chains, weights of a culture, and even confusion. After dowsing to clear the non beneficial energetic patterns contained within the names, we invited one’s Soul signature to imprint upon and inhabit the given names. It was a powerful experience — a rebirth and a closer aligning with one’s Soul’s purpose. Participants felt lighter and joyous – faces shifted and laughter ensued. Through this dowsing mantra energetic space was created for one’s larger Self to embody their being. Might you consider reflecting on the imprints upon your name?

So we ask, what isn’t moving fluidly in your life? Are there places ready to be set free?

Things are moving at a rapid pace now and as long as you don’t put your foot on the brakes, you are sure to experience changes of great magnitude and quantum healing.

Consider joining us this July in Ecuador for a transformational re-set experience. It is going to be an intimate gathering and there is still room for a few more participants. For more information visit, http://crystalmountainhealing.com/retreats/

We all have blocks and obstacles to wade through and release. Coming together with a willing and ready group of participants amplifies the transformational process by creating a larger field of limitless potential. Widen, deepen and expand the flow of your Universal being. Live from your original Soul state.

Are you ready?

To get a flavor of the work Susan and Sven combine Click here to listen to the two recent interviews they gave with Boundless Spirit Radio.

With Love from the Andes,
Susan and Sven


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