The World of Dowsing: A free on-line Introduction this Saturday, February 10th at 11 am Eastern Time zone!

Join Susan and Sven as they speak about the world of energy.  Discover how this ancient shamanic form transforms into an effective modern day tool that can assist you with maintaining healthy living spaces, relationships, and work.  It’s going to be a lively discussion and interaction.  See you there!


Clearing the Way for 2018!

Hello there, 

How are you doing these days?  As we approach the end of the year the pressure is on.  Pressure to change outdated old systems of belief, structures, and ways of life, to new sustainable ones.  

The polarities have come to an all time high.  People’s feelings and opinions are reeling.  Fire and earthquakes are common now.  In general, there is chaos.  The most important thing for each of us is to stay clear within.  Watch for the things that trigger you and take a deeper look at what that is about.   

If you would like support to assist with stabilizing your energetic field while creating expansiveness instead of constriction, consider joining us for one or both of the on-line Group Healing Sessions with the Spirit Doctor Team.  Creating a calm in the storm is essential now. On December 9th, The College of Psychic Studies in London is hosting the first healing event:; and December 23rd is with Crystal Mountain Healing:

You can register for either sessions rather quickly and then prepare yourself to receive healing on all levels of your Being with these stellar doctors, healers, and shamans who reside on spirit side.

Sending Love, Susan

Lots of change is in the air!

Are you feeling it?

Recently in London, a group of 50 participants gathered for a Day of Multidimensional Healing with Susan and the Spirit Doctor Team at the College of Psychic Studies. The atmosphere was one of pure openness and willingness to move through the dimensional doorways claiming healing on all levels. Here is one of the Spirit Doctor messages that was given to help assist in optimizing the energy of our current times:

A Moving Foundation is afoot – It is new and it is the foundation that allows for alterations, shifts, and changes to occur. We encourage you to stay fluid and flexible, not only in the movement of your physical bodies but within your minds as well, and most importantly in your hearts. For a fluid heart has immeasurable capacities to hold and to expand beyond borders… And isn’t that exactly what is needed now more than ever?

The very next weekend an intimate group of 18 gathered for our intensive two day workshop exponentially expanding upon the fluid foundation referenced by the Spirit Doctors. We came across a significant clearing which touched all present – a clearing of one’s given names from ancestral lineage, historical strands, biblical references and non beneficial imprints. Each participant shared various sources of their given names; an uncle’s namesake laced with heavy Swedish history, a mother’s maiden name carrying diminished female power, a name given referencing a family friend whose son died at an early age. The stories connected to the names carried energetic binds, chains, weights of a culture, and even confusion. After dowsing to clear the non beneficial energetic patterns contained within the names, we invited one’s Soul signature to imprint upon and inhabit the given names. It was a powerful experience — a rebirth and a closer aligning with one’s Soul’s purpose. Participants felt lighter and joyous – faces shifted and laughter ensued. Through this dowsing mantra energetic space was created for one’s larger Self to embody their being. Might you consider reflecting on the imprints upon your name?

So we ask, what isn’t moving fluidly in your life? Are there places ready to be set free?

Things are moving at a rapid pace now and as long as you don’t put your foot on the brakes, you are sure to experience changes of great magnitude and quantum healing.

Consider joining us this July in Ecuador for a transformational re-set experience. It is going to be an intimate gathering and there is still room for a few more participants. For more information visit,

We all have blocks and obstacles to wade through and release. Coming together with a willing and ready group of participants amplifies the transformational process by creating a larger field of limitless potential. Widen, deepen and expand the flow of your Universal being. Live from your original Soul state.

Are you ready?

To get a flavor of the work Susan and Sven combine Click here to listen to the two recent interviews they gave with Boundless Spirit Radio.

With Love from the Andes,
Susan and Sven

Upcoming teleconference Saturday, April 29th!

This year is a quantum leap year for what can be accomplished.  So much is shifting so fast.  Have you felt the rush of energies wanting to dance with you?  And even taking the lead in the dance?  One can leap across the canyon divide or hang on to the side. When you take opportunities that come along your way and say “yes” you will discover immense amounts of expansion available for you and the likes of things you might not have ever imagined!

More and more of one’s soul’s purpose and energy is ready to emerge, engage, and wanting to be embodied.  We are in the time of surpassing any and all of what we could have imagined for ourselves and others.

These energies and shifts over the past months have informed and infused our June Workshops and July Retreat to reflect the call to Embody and Align with Soul.

This coming Saturday, April 29th, Sven and Susan are offering a free teleconference call to discuss their upcoming live events and answer any questions you might have about attending.  Join us to get a taste of the transformational energies that will be present at the events and see how they resonate with you.


BEING DIVINATION Retreat in the Andes mountains of Ecuador this July is where you will be building the body as a container to hold and become the new Light frequencies using dowsing to merge your intuition and direct powerful mantras as agents of change.
Aligning To Your Soul’s Purpose Weekend Workshop in London this June is where you will delve into deep clearing and an awakening to one’s unique soul mission.
A Day of Multi-dimensional Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team is sponsored by the College of Psychic Studies in London this June.

Sending love and best wishes.
We hope to see you soon,

Susan and Sven


The Light Body – A Balance in the Making

Greetings Everyone,

As we swiftly move through what wants to be cleared in our individual energy fields it may feel like the bottom dropping out.  And, in fact, that may be what is happening.

Often when I take a shower I see things.  When I looked at the “bottom falling out” it appeared just below the feet as a portal opening – as if standing on nothing, an empty void space.  But when I looked closer and peered into that space I saw an endless night sky filled with stars.

We’re moving toward the Light body and perhaps this is what it looks like – a spacious filled cosmos of particulate star matter all wanting to manifest now within our human structure. How can we best allow for this transformative miracle to occur?  Well for one thing, we can choose to go with the shift and create as much peace within as possible.

Deeply layered debris may be surfacing up for release as we make our way towards a Light body.  This, along side the incoming new frequencies may create a topsy turvy feel, like being on a carnival ride and quickly asking “when can I get off, please?”  Words and phrases like turbulent, tumultuous, unknown, wild, like nothing before come to mindAnd this seems across the board for so many right now.

So, if you’ve been feeling off, at the end of a road, isolated in your experience, or just wanting some assistance along your way you may want to consider joining the upcoming Group Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team, Sunday, March 19th.

We will be asking for:  A balance of the new frequencies permeating your physical and energetic body; A calming of your system allowing it to be a more fluid receptor and receiver of these new Light frequencies; Clarity, insights, and healing on all levels from All times.  As always, your personal healing requests are incorporated into the hour-long session.

The new frequencies offer us expansion if we can receive and not resist them. Supporting your physical and energetic body at this time is of great benefit to receive with a little more grace and ease. As we move out of centuries of dualistic nature we are being offered a multi colored rainbow of possibilities. It’s a transition phase that could use a little TLC.
The Spirit Doctor Team often remind us that they are quite understanding of the human condition as many of them once walked the earth before as physicians and healers. They have some ideas about how to assist us with this transitional step. Would you like to add some balance, recuperation, and integration into your current energy mix?  We are gathering in March, might you like to join us?

Do check out our new Gift Offerings page.  We created two 30-minute Conscious Connected Breathing meditationsHealing & Prosperity to assist with foundational shifts in your life.

Sending love and best wishes.
We hope to see you soon,

Susan and Sven

A Choice Moment

It is time to rightfully acknowledge and confirm that we are capable creators of an abundant and meaningful expressive life.

No more victims, no more less than, and no more I don’t deserve.

Are you willing to let those old roles and imprints go and resolve?

If so, be ready to reclaim the unique composition of energies that you are.  And with that comes unique gifts to share with the world.

pathWhat excites you?  What brings you joy? What draws you into action?  From this place you can inquire and discover your path, purpose, and mission here on planet earth. It may take a few trials to uncover your answers… but you are worth it, I guarantee.

Yes, there are ups and downs.  Yes, there is happiness and sadness.  And at times, major calibrations that require your full participation and witnessing.

We are all part of the evolutionary continuum, yet each of us is on an individual trajectory.  We are living breathing spirit beings with a huge range and potential, if we so choose.  Choosing is the number one factor here.

Harnessing the life you truly desire and deserve is within your reach once you face and eliminate any blocks and fears to MOVING forward with your life energy and essence.

Gaining clarity is a huge part of your potential reality coming true.  You may be wondering how can you, or, anyone for that matter become clear in such complex and tumultuous times?  How does one come out of the fog of internalized cultural conditioning, mass consciousness, ancestral belief systems, and any intentional external interferences?

Well, first of all and most importantly, you have to want that. You have to want to be truly free of constraints and willing to see through illusion.  You must be willing to do the work, to ask the questions, and at times to feel the discomfort. Ultimately, you have to be willing to change.  Note – this is not for everyone! Easier said than done, but, in truth so very accessible.  In fact, you may be feeling your spirit nudging you to take the steps, to take the leap into the unknown, to course correct at this very moment.  The good news is that the earth’s energies and the universal energies are ready to support you.

There are many paths to self discovery and many ways to dissolve old patterning keeping you asunder. Discern what is best for you.  Ask your guides to show you what steps are in your best interest.  Ask for confirmations.  You will receive what you need.

Recently, we received an email from someone who said “I’m in need of some clearing and I asked my guides to help me find the proper channel for assistance.  I came across your youtube on Clearing Entities and feel my question was answered”.

Look to what is drawing your attention.  And if you feel drawn to understanding the world of energy available and to discovering how you can begin to shape and craft that energy for yourself and for others, you may want to consider a powerful method rooted in shamanistic origins called Energy Dowsing.

At Crystal Mountain Healing we endeavor to bring forward tools and techniques to assist you with the intense changes that the planet is going through. 2017 is proving to be a powerful year of change and transformation on many levels.  In lieu of this, we crafted a specific and intentional Retreat this year Energy Dowsing and Healing Work to consciously guide this process along and to effect a powerful change in your life in the direction that most serves your highest purpose.

Energy Dowsing is an ever expanding field and once learned is at your fingertips, literally. To learn more about this potent healing modality,

If you are new to the concept of Energy Dowsing yet feel drawn to attending this Retreat simply complete our 5 hour recorded on-line course as a pre-requisite for the upcoming July Energy Dowsing Healing Retreat in the Andes mountains of Ecuador.

Take the next steps to fulfilling your unique potential, a once in a lifetime, yours, ability to effect change within and without.  We would love to have you on board for this momentous gathering of like minded energy workers, healers, and souls.

Event:  Energy Dowsing Healing Retreat July 23-28, 2017 in Ecuador – Building Confidence, Creating Excellence, Developing Leadership in the Field

Enter into the pristine energies of the Andes mountains for a 5 day 6 night retreat to deepen your dowsing practice and strengthen your connection to Spirit World.  Discover and actively create new protocols in the field of Energy Dowsing.  Receive the work of the Spirit Doctor Team healing all levels of your being from All times. 

Susan Gash and Sven Carlson are your co-facilitators.

Held in Cuenca, Ecuador, a World Heritage Site and hosted by  Hosteria Duran, a modern style hotel with thermal waters providing both healing and medicinal properties. Limited to 14 participants – Creating an intimate environment where in depth work can be received and accomplished.

To Find out more and Register to attend

Wishing you all the very best, Susan and Sven

Rounding the Corner to 2017!

Greetings Everyone,
As we’re rounding the corner to 2017, is there anything asking for resolve as you close your year?

Any lingering emotions around lack, not good enough, or, don’t deserve?  If any of these deep untruths are tugging at you it’s time to put them to rest.  For none of that was really ever you.

We’re entering into a creative manifesting time.  A time to un-encumber yourself as you step through the doorway into the New Year and move into the current accelerated energies with grace and beauty.  With each step you become lighter and freer.

To round up this year on Crystal Mountain we have a few offerings that might assist with your transit into 2017.

“Alchemize Your Energy – Introduction to Dowsing”  December 3, 10, 17.  Our Introductory Seminar is chock full of applications to clear old programs, vows, and curses, while giving you the tools to do this for yourself and others.  We live in a sea of energy – one that you discover how to shift, move, and change – by using sage old shamanic mantras with the power of your intention. Outcomes and reality shift as a result. Yours included!  This Introduction to Dowsing Seminar is our last live Introductory course. Afterwards the introductory seminar will only be available as a series of MP3 recordings. Click here to sign up, or, find out more.

“A Group Healing with the Spirit Doctor Team” on December 11 to assist clearing old vibrational patterns that may keep you in the shadows, or, unclear on your path.  We will be unwinding and untangling any cords in the etheric realms and within your physical body that may be holding you back.  To sign up, or, find out more, click here: Group Healing with Susan and the Spirit Doctor Team

Then, we are going to arc over to 2017 and look to the horizon of what is possible.  Would you like to join with us this December to create this empowered transit?

Sending Love and Best Wishes to All,

Susan and Sven